Smacdown .625 Hunting Stabilizers

The Smacdown .625 Hunting Bar may just very well be the Quietest, Most Forgiving, Fastest recovering Hunting Stabilizer you have ever shot.

The Smacdown .625 Is Hunting Bar is Constructed with the Exact Same Carbon Layup and Smacwrap as the .625 Target Bar. Only difference is the Hunting bar is red in the Center and has a Matte Finish over the label. The 625 Smacdown bar is one of the winningest stabilizers in all of archery. Now you can use them for huntin and sttill be less money than the competition.


  • Super Quite
  • Very Stiff
  • Fast recovery
  • Ultra Forgiving
  • Little to NO felt hand resonance
  • More Wind-resistance with a reduced surface area

SMACWRAP® composite damping is a patented product to be integrated into your composite structure to bring a determinant damping factor. Developed to avoid impairing the mechanical properties, SMACWRAP® composite damping is a thin viscoelastic rubber designed in roll form. This innovative material offers to composite structure designers the possibility to integrate thin elastomer layers within the parts lay-up. Usually placed between existing structure and covered with a suitably chosen constrained layer.

  • Comes with 3, 1oz .850 Matte Black Weights
  • Available sizes 6", 8", 10", 12" 15" lengths
  • Matte Black Connectors made for easy removal and tightening
  • Matte Black bar and Connectors

Each Bar Includes Connectors and Connecting Screw, 3 Oz of .850 Matte Black Threaded Weights

15” Bar NO Weights 3oz, 12” Bar NO Weights 2.6oz, 10” Bar NO Weights 2.4oz, 8” Bar NO Weight 2.15oz, 6” Bar NO Weight 1.9oz