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2 Pieced Up Quiver

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2 Pieced Up Quiver

  • Machined Aluminum and Carbon rod construction by the carbon rod experts
  • Vertical adjustments to ensure arrows are Inside the bow
  • Triangle posts allows you to be as tight to the riser as possible
  • Made to fit with all arrow rests
  • Right or Left Handed
  • 2 sets of grippers Included. Standard and Micro (that Actually works)
  • Double grippers top and bottom to ensure NO arrow movement
  • 5 arrow Quiver with that second shot in mind.
  • Quiet Design
  • The Triangles work on the following bow Manufactures
  • Darton, Elite, Athens, Bear, Expedition and Obsession.

3 Reviews

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    Quiet and vibration damping, but limited adjustability

    Posted by Reid McCargar on Mar 5th 2024

    I've tried the elite 2 piece quiver, which is absolute garbage. This quiver is much better. I like the softer arrow grippers, which really silence the setup. The cord at the top of the quiver is also a nice feature for hanging the bow. The quiver has a few adjustments points: the hood, upper grippers, and lower grippers can all be moved up and down, which was the main reason I'll be using this quiver instead of the elite. It provides enough adjustment to accommodate a wide range of arrow lengths and vane placements. I couldn't use the elite quiver without stripping the vanes off of my arrows and reattaching them further toward the tip by perhaps 1.5 inches. I didn't have this issue with the 2 pieced up quiver. It also can be moved toward or away from the riser easily. I was able to get it in very tight to the riser with just enough clearance for my limbs and rest. It also can be rotated about the vertical rod, which I suppose could be used to fine tune balance although I haven't tried that. The only complaint I have is that there is no obvious means of adjusting the orientation of the upper portion of the quiver to keep it plumb and to achieve proper alignment of the hood and both sets of grippers. With tight enough tolerances this wouldn't be necessary, but in my case the upper arm looked to be canted back slightly, which caused the arrows not to go into their holes in the hood without moving the rubber part of the upper gripper back in its track (an adjustment that doesn't appear to be intended based on the bolt hole which is drilled in the rubber, but works well enough for me). I don't know if the tolerances are off on the triangle holes in my bow riser (elite ethos) or the quiver, but I would guess it's the quiver that's the problem. Anyway, despite this, I'm happy with how it performs so far.

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    Posted by Dwayne Mattson on Aug 15th 2023

    Recently bought the 2 piece quiver for my Darton prelude 32. It’s a beautiful fit with a lot of adjustability. One down flaw is it doesn’t have pegs for other bows like mathews or hoyt. So as a shop owner it limits to whom I can sell. Otherwise great product.

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    Posted by Jeff Ratliff on Sep 18th 2023

    I was blown away by the fit and flexibility of this quiver…..machine work is great and it fits like a charm