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650 Wind Dragon Side Bar

Was: $118.99
Now: $55.99
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The Conquest Control Freak 650 Wind Dragon Sidebars are just like ALL our Side Bars!! The EXACT Same Material, Layup, Process as our Front Bars!! You will see many that have side bars for much less than Front Bars Proportionality. HOW do they do it? Use less grade Carbon on Side bars and that is how they do it. NOT US!! They are IDENTICAL!!! WHY? IT MATTERS!!! 

The Conquest Control Freak 650 Wind Dragon is an upgrade from the old Wind Dragon .650. We have went to Ultra High Mod Carbon  to add stiffness and not drive up costs in a big way to this near 5/8" OD Stabilizer! We believe in trying to make everything better if we can. If you are looking for a 5/8 size bar and incredible value this bar is for you!


  • Near 5/8" OD
  • A Bar that doesn't weight a ton with no weight
  • Great wind resistance due to OD!
  • Great Stiffness


  • Comes with 3, 1oz .850 Black Nitride Matte Finish Weights
  • Available sizes 24", 27", 30" and 33" lengths
  • Matte Black Connectors made for easy removal and tightening
  • Bar is Gloss Black Finish

Each Bar Includes Connectors and Connecting Screw, 3 Oz of .850 Matte Black Threaded Weights

10” Bar NO Weights 2.3oz, 12" Bar NO Weights 2.5oz, 15" Bar NO Weights 2.7oz