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Telescopic String Suppressor-Rear-Heavy

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Telescopic String Suppressor- Steel HD Model

DEAD STOP™ REAR MOUNT STEEL HD MODEL -(for high poundage bows)

  • Solid Steel construction works on bows 100+ pounds
  • Zinc coating protects against rust
  • Most economical in the industry
  • Rear mount string suppressor
  • Fits all bows with rear stabilizer bushing
  • Stops string vibration, oscillation and noise
  • Stops string from hitting bow arm
  • Heavy rear mass weight (9.7 oz.) helps balance front-heavy bows. BH class legal
  • Telescopic design adjusts quickly from 5¼” to 8¼”
  • Increases forgiveness by getting arrow off the string quicker
  • INCLUDES one BOWJAX™ for increased vibration dampening
  • Protective string serving included