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Conquest Smacdown .500 PRO Front Bar

$455.99 - $499.99
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We took our Smacdown .500 Bar and Made the MOAB!! Mother of all bars!!! The Smacdown .500 Pro has the best Stiffness to weight ratio on a TRUE 1/2 Bar on the Market today. The Smacdown .500 PRO is made with 100% ULTRA High and Ultra high Modulus Pitch Fiber. The Smacdown 500 Pro is 20% stiffer than the Smacdown 500 and is stiffer than most if not all bars on the market ranging from .500 OD to .590 OD. It is even stiffer than many competitors 5/8 bar. Unlike many bars that call themselves 1/2" this one you can put a Micrometer on and Know that it is, what we say it is. The Smacdown .500 Pro uses a unique composite dampening material called SMACWRAP®. Smac is the ULTIMATE in Vibration Dampening and shot Recovery. We are the first to utilize this technology in Archery Stabilization!! If you want the BEST 1/2 Bar on the Market today the Smacdown Pro .500 is it!

  • Best Stiffness to Weight ratio 1/2 bar on the market today
  • A Bar that doesn't weight a ton with no weight
  • Best Vibration and shot Recovery.
  • Little to NO hand Resonance
  • Ability to add LOT of Weight!!
  • Best wind resistance due to OD!
  • 20% Stiffer than Smacdown 500
  • Stiffer than any .500 to .590 Bar on the Market.

SMACWRAP® composite damping is a patented product to be integrated into your composite structure to bring a determinant damping factor. Developed to avoid impairing the mechanical properties, SMACWRAP® composite damping is a thin viscoelastic rubber designed in roll form. This innovative material offers to composite structure designers the possibility to integrate thin elastomer layers within the parts lay-up. Usually placed between existing structure and covered with a suitably chosen constrained layer.

  • Comes with 3, 1oz .850 Black Nitride Matte Finish Weights
  • Available sizes 24", 27", 30" and 33" lengths
  • Black Connectors made for easy removal and tightening
  • Bar is Black Matte Finish as are the Connectors

Each Bar Includes Connectors and Connecting Screw, 3 Oz of .850 Matte Black Threaded Weights

33” Bar NO Weights 6oz, 30” Bar NO Weights 5.56oz, 27” Bar NO Weights 5.1oz, 24” Bar NO Weights 4.7oz

6 Reviews

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    As good as it gets

    Posted by Alex on May 29th 2023

    I've tried the .500", .625", and now the .500" pro versions of the 33" Smacdown long rod. I'm shooting an Olympic Recurve with 11oz on the long rod, and all versions of the Smacdown stabilizer keep the amplitude of vibration tightly controlled in the follow through, which helps keep the feedback clear. They all have easily enough stiffness for my weight. The .625 is marginally stiffer than the .500 pro (I don't notice this when I'm shooting). I am not able to do an A/B test on a windy day, but I think I can tell the difference in how much the bow is pushed around in the wind using the thinner stabilizers.

  • 5
    Los mejores estabilizadores

    Posted by Juan Bonilla on Dec 23rd 2022

    Desee que probe estos estabilizadores, he sentido que la vibración en mi arco es minima, absorben absolutamente toda la vibración sin necesidad de añadir dampers de mas. Excelente desempeño en todas las condiciones

  • 5
    Long short

    Posted by Sunveer Singh on Sep 3rd 2022

    Long short is very good

  • 5
    Conquest Smackdown 500Pro30" Stabilizer

    Posted by Daniel Teelow on Aug 3rd 2022

    I received my stabiliser yesterday. First impressions, damn it is skinny. It handles my 32oz of weights really well. So far I am very impressed.

  • 5
    Smac Down 500 pro

    Posted by James Bailey on Jun 20th 2022

    Absolutely the best bars I've ever tried. I like to run a lot of weight and these hold it well and really deaden the shot

  • 5
    Pro .500 30” stabilizer

    Posted by Shawn lovell on Jun 3rd 2022

    I was nervous spending the extra money on the top of the line stabilizer’s. I also purchased a 15” side bar. They came in and I put them right on my bow. Went out and shot at 50m. I shot my first arrow and I was in love. Could not believe bow sits much better the shots are so smooth now. My groups have Tightened up and the wind is no problem now. I highly recommend the purchase of the stabilizers