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Conquest Smacdown .747 Front Bar

$310.99 - $332.99
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The Smacdown .747 was developed for the shooter that is looking for the ULTIMATE in Stiffness, Forgiveness, Stability in a bigger OD Bar. The Smacdown .747 is just THAT!! It is a much larger OD bar than our Flagship .500 and .625 but offers the archer the Stiffest, Lightest and most forgiving large bar on the Market. A 30" Bar weights under 3 Ounces with no Connectors or Weights! That is INCREDIBLE!! How do we do it? We use 100% Ultra High and Super High Modulus Carbon. The Smacdown .747 offers the BEST stiffness to weight ratio in it's class along with a unique composite dampening material called SMACWRAP® Smac is the ULTIMATE in Vibration Dampening an shot Recovery. We are the first to Utilize Smac Technology in Archery Stabilization! If you are Looking for a SUPER STIFF, Forgiving, Stable awesome shooting that bar that encompasses the latest technology in shot dampening then the new Smacdown .747 is the bar for you.


  • The BEST Stiffness to Weight ratio in it's class
  • A Bar that doesn't weight a ton with no weight
  • Best Vibration and shot Recovery.
  • Little to NO hand Resonance
  • Ability to add LOT of Weight!

SMACWRAP® composite damping is a patented product to be integrated into your composite structure to bring a determinant damping factor. Developed to avoid impairing the mechanical properties, SMACWRAP® composite damping is a thin viscoelastic rubber designed in roll form. This innovative material offers to composite structure designers the possibility to integrate thin elastomer layers within the parts lay-up. Usually placed between existing structure and covered with a suitably chosen constrained layer.

  • Comes with 3, 1oz .850 Black Nitride Matte Finish Weights
  • Available sizes 24", 27", 30" and 33" length
  • Matte Black Connectors made for easy removal and tightening
  • Matte Finish Bar and connectors

2 Reviews

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    747 Stab

    Posted by Bill on Jan 21st 2024

    I bought the 747 in a 33” for my first target stabilizer. I wanted to be able to load it up without flex or “Doing”. I’ve tried all amounts of weights and it is completely vibration at all. It is the perfect stabilizer for what I wanted. It really couldn’t be better in any way. Thank you

  • 5
    Conquest 747 Stabilizer Bars

    Posted by F. Joseph Stockbridge on Jan 31st 2022

    I was at the Conquest vendor booth at the Lancaster Classic looking at stabilizers and they surprised me that they let me take these bars to shoot at the practice range. WOW what a difference they made! I had good bars on my bow already but these were clearly better at eliminating any bow vibration at the shot. When out and ordered me a set that night. Good people to deal with and Great customer service.